G. Graham

Position title: Hydrogeologist

Email: grace.graham@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 263-4125

Hydrogeologist Grace Graham in a selfie outside in winter doing fieldwork. She's wearing a dark winter hat, and behind her are snow-covered trees and a stream that's not frozen over.

As a hydrogeologist at the Survey, I get to balance my time between the field and the office. My work focuses on characterizing groundwater conditions and groundwater-surface water interactions, often in parts of Wisconsin where baseline hydrogeologic data may otherwise be lacking. I work on resource inventories, year-round monitoring, and mapping.

I also provide technical expertise for various projects, and enjoy learning how to use new technologies. I’ve worked with drones to collect aerial thermal imagery. I’m currently working with continuous monitoring equipment able to communicate and transmit water quality data remotely.

Current projects

My current projects can be explored through this interactive map:

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More about my work


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Professional affiliations

  • American Water Resources Association, Wisconsin Section, member
  • Geological Society of America, member