Amy Wiersma

Position title: Hydrogeologist

Pronouns: she/her


Phone: (608) 265-3121

Headshot of Amy Wiersma with pine tree branches behind her

As a Hydrogeologist, I conduct local- and county-scale groundwater studies in Wisconsin and assist local and state governments, industries, and the public in interpreting and using the information to make informed decisions about groundwater. I develop educational groundwater materials and participate in outreach to increase awareness of the Survey’s groundwater resources and ensure they are easily accessible to stakeholders.


  • Scott, S.R., Wiersma, A.K., and Krinke, G. (2023). The importance of uranium isotope composition for gross alpha activity regulation. AWWA Water Science, e1329.
  • Plechacek, A., Scott, S.R., Gotkowitz, M.B., and Ginder-Vogel, M. (2022). Strontium and radium occurrence at the boundary of a confined aquifer system. Applied Geochemistry 142: 105332.
  • Dematatis, M., Plechacek, A., Mathews, M., Wright, D.B., Udenby, F., Gotkowitz, M.B., and Ginder-Vogel, M. (2020). Spatial and temporal variability of radium in the Wisconsin Cambrian–Ordovician aquifer system. AWWA Water Science, e1171.

Professional affiliations

  • Geological Society of America, member
  • American Water Resources Association, Wisconsin Section, member
  • National Groundwater Association, member