Yellow phenakite crystal

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A small white minivan in front of a tall and extremely wide light brown quarry wall with a blue sky and puffy clouds above it. The photographer is standing very far away from the van, and the ground is a flat expanse of sandy soil.
Three geoscientists looking at an outcrop wall in a quarry

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  • A small group of mature trees on the very edge of a relatively short bluff. Roughly half of the land underneath their roots has been eroded away, leaving their roots exposed.

    Researching erosion along Lake Michigan

    This blog post was written by UW-Madison undergraduate student Lindsay Summers, who worked at WGNHS as a social media and geology Assistant for two years before graduating in 2023. Includes March 2024 update from Elmo …

  • Carsyn Ames smiling with a beige wall behind her.

    Community-led PFAS monitoring with Peshtigo, WI

    WGNHS Samples Coordinator Carsyn Ames has participated in the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) Thriving Earth Exchange Program as both a Community Science Fellow and a Project Scientist. The role of a Community Science Fellow is to manage projects and facilitate communication between all collaborators. Ames worked with the Town of Peshtigo to sample additional wells in the township for PFAs contamination.

  • Sue Swanson outdoors

    New Director and State Geologist

    We are pleased to welcome Dr. Sue Swanson as the next Director and State Geologist at the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey. She begins her new role on September 1. She replaces Dr. Ken …

  • Farmland and tree-covered rolling hills of the Driftless Area in southwest Wisconsin (photo by Eric Carson, WGNHS)

    Southwest Wisconsin groundwater and geology study (SWIGG)

    Southwest Wisconsin has fractured bedrock beneath generally thin soils, putting groundwater at risk for contamination. The purpose of this study was to improve our understanding of groundwater quality in southwest Wisconsin and to better understand how local hydrogeology …

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