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General geology

Bedrock geology

Glacial and Quaternary geology, geomorphology

(see also our Ice Age page)

Geophysics, engineering geology

Minerals and fossils


See our Minerals of Wisconsin database

Mineral assessments

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See our Fossils of Wisconsin pages


Groundwater, hydrogeology

Groundwater education, sand-tank model

Groundwater levels


(See also our Springs page)

Well construction reports

(See also our Well Records page)

Caves and sinkholes

(See also our Karst page)


Iron mining

(See also our Mining in Wisconsin page)

Frac sand mining

(See also our Mining in Wisconsin page)

Sand, gravel

Data and services

Core and sample library

GIS data/cartography

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Well construction reports, geologic logs

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Geotechnical services

Maps and publications

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Publications permissions