Red resinous neotocite grains in matrix. From the Taylor Mine, Alberta, Baraga County, Michigan. Sample is 2.3 cm x 2 cm x 1.5 cm in size. (Photo courtesy Maggie Wilson; unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.)

Formula: (Mn,Fe,Mg)SiO3.H2O  Amorphous


Neotocite forms black to brown resinous masses from the alteration of manganese silicates.

DODGE COUNTY: Neotocite is tentatively identified as microscopic light yellow brown grains in the oolites of the Mayville iron formation (Hawley and Beaven,1934). The iron formation is exposed in old mines and outcrops in sec. 1, 12 and 13 T.11N. R.16E., east of Neda.

IRON COUNTY: Neotocite is described as dark-brown resinous masses with a hardness of 3 and conchoidal fracture from the 94th cross-cut on the 30th level of the Montreal Mine (NE NE sec. 33 T.46N. R.2E.). The material was originally described as hisingerite (Whelan and Goldich, 1961).