Kacie Stolzman

Position title: Geoscientist

Email: kstolzman@wisc.edu

Phone: (608) 800-6735

Kacie Stolzman with green foliage and a fence in the background

I am a geologist working principally on the sediment core collected for the Survey’s Quaternary projects. I collect sediment samples as they come out of the ground and I take them to storage at our core repository in Mount Horeb. I also prepare core descriptions and manage the database containing these descriptions.

At the Survey’s core repository, I prepare, photograph, and describe the core. To do this, I cut through the plastic tube holding the core using a box cutter and split the sample core with a putty knife. Then I write a core description before moving the core to the photography table. I place the core on a modified rowing machine and take a series of pictures as I slide it beneath a camera mounted on a tripod. Then I stitch the images together in Photoshop to make one long photo for each core.

I enjoy working in the field and traveling to places I would probably otherwise never visit. I also like being present from the time cores are drilled through splitting and describing them because it gives me a rare opportunity to see what is above and below ground at each location.

Current projects

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  • Jonas, T.S., Stolzman, K.C., Kairies-Beatty, C.L., and Elswick, E.R., 2019, Preliminary assessment of metals partitioning in soil and vegetation in a subalpine wetland (Bismark Mine, Southwest Montana): Geological Society of America Joint Sectional Meeting, Manhattan, KS. Abstract. https://doi.org/dvvf.
  • Ives, L.R.W., Rawling, J.E., III, and Stolzman, K.C., 2020, Landform assemblages, Quaternary stratigraphy, and preliminary Quaternary geologic map, Jefferson County, Wisconsin: North-Central Geological Society of America Conference. Abstract. https://doi.org/dvvg.