Projects (interactive map)

Researching the geology, mineral resources, and water resources of Wisconsin.

adapted from the WGNHS mission statement

The work WGNHS does provides natural resource managers—such as land and water conservationists, county boards, and water utilities—with the information they need to protect and share their resources.

Our work also helps us understand geologic processes, past and current, allowing us to make sound geologic maps. Our maps not only provide the locations of resources, they also inform decisions about water resources across much of Wisconsin.

Among our projects, we are:

  • mapping the 1.8 billion-year-old Oronto Group of the Ashland syncline,
  • monitoring the effectiveness of NR151 rule changes in protecting northeastern Wisconsin’s groundwater from pathogen contamination,
  • studying bedrock controls on arsenic occurrence in southern Wisconsin, and
  • documenting the reversal of the ancient Wisconsin River.

Learn more in our interactive map

Find out what we are learning and where we are working in our interactive map:

Screenshot of interactive map of WGNHS projects, with the list of projects on the left and a map of Wisconsin with dots marking each project's location. The image links to the interactive map.
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