White analcime crystal, showing trapezohedron form. Surrounded by smaller analcime crystals, in cavity in basalt. Main analcime crystal is about 1.5 cm high. Phoenix, Michigan. (Image by W. S. Cordua.)

Formula: NaAlSi2O6.H2O Isometric


Analcime is a mineral usually found in veins and cavities in basalts or gabbros that have experienced low-grade burial metamorphism or hydrothermal activity.

DOUGLAS COUNTY: White, pink and orange analcime occurs as crude crystals or masses up to 2 cm. in diameter with prehnite in veins cutting gabbro in the Buckley Quarry, SE NE sec. 32 T.48N. R.12W. The quarry is just south of Hwy. 2, near Amnicon Falls (Cordua, 1991, Carlson pers. com.).