Cubanite trilling crystal, 3 cm across, in matrix. From the Henderson No. 2 mine in Chibougamau, Nord-du-Quebec, Canada. Specimen is in the A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum collection. (Photo courtesy John Jaszczak. Unauthorized reproduction is prohibited.)

Formula: CuFe2S3 Orthorhombic


Cubanite is a relatively rare mineral found high temperature ore deposits. It is often associated with chalcopyrite and pyrrhotite. Cubanite often occurs as oriented growths within chalcopyrite, and, as such, can often be overlooked.

ASHLAND COUNTY: Found as a component in a sulfide body with chalcopyrite, pyrrhotite, and pentlandite in the northern portion of Sec. 30 and the eastern portion of Sec. 21 T.45N R.4W, near Mineral Lake (Bakheit, 1981).