2019 Year in Review

A document listing the Survey's 2019 grant-funded research projects. Image links to PDF.
Grant research (PDF), 2 p.
Cover of 2019 Year in Review. Image links to PDF.
Year in Review (PDF), 4 p.

Curious about what the Survey was up to in 2019? As always, it was a busy year for us. We worked on projects across the state of Wisconsin, from the shores of the Great Lakes to the Mississippi River, and numerous places in between.

Our 2019 Year in Review profiles roughly a dozen projects that we worked on last year. Here is a sample of what you’ll find:

  • Created an interactive web application showcasing Wisconsin’s first comprehensive springs inventory in 60 years
  • Used drones with infrared cameras to locate hard-to-find geologic features using their heat signatures
  • Assessed groundwater contamination in southwest Wisconsin
  • Studied ice cover and storm-induced erosion along the Great Lakes

You can learn more about these and our other recent activities in our 2019 Year in Review story map (linked below) or in the corresponding printable PDF (above). To learn more about all of the projects we’re working on and what we’re learning, visit our interactive map of our projects. We also invite you to check out our complete list of 2019 projects for a handy overview of project grant funders, principal investigators, dollars, and dates.

View 2019 Year in Review (story map)